Houston is a great place to travel all around the year. But, there are some occasions when the city is lit up with high octane energy you don’t want to miss. In this article, we will discuss the best times to visit Houston.

February-April is considered the best time to visit the Bayou City. The temperature is pleasant during the day and it is not too chilly at night. It is also the time Houston hosts its most popular event, the Livestock Show and Rodeo.

 If you ever wanted to see cowboy action in real life, come to Houston during the Rodeo Show. But that is not all. The event has a lot of other attractions apart from the cowboy adventures. They have a Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, a Superstar Rodeo, Black Heritage Committee Western Gala and a lot of other fun events.

 During March, there is a World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest that attracts foodies from all over the country. If you think you are the king in stuffing your face, come and take part in the competition.

If you need something classier, we suggest the WorldFest: Houston International Independent Film Festival in April.

Another great time to visit the H-town is September to November. The temperature drops enough to bring some much-needed respite from the hot Texan sun. But since it is a popular time of the year, and also the hurricane season, you should book hotels in advance.

During this time, you can experience The Original Greek Festival. If you are a renaissance man/woman, this is a must-visit event. You get to enjoy tasty Greek food, dance and music. And there are activities for every age group.

 The Day of the dead or Día de Muertos is another event which attracts a lot of people to Houston during October.

Choose either of the two seasons to visit Houston and we promise you, it will be a fantastic experience.